Jura E6 Review

Welcome to our Jura E6 review! Whether you are an avid coffee drinker or a professional barista, this super-automatic machine is a great purchase and can cater to all your caffeine needs. Join us as we take you through this automatic machine review on what’s to love about the Jura E6 Automatic and why it could be a perfect choice if you love to whip up specialty drinks.

This machine was produced by the Swiss company JURA Elektroapparate AG, which has been developing innovative high-end household appliances since 1931.

Compared to other models like the Jura Z8, this product boasts lots of the same features but doesn’t come with the same hefty price tag. With its smart water system, impressive programmability features, and P.E.P. brewing, there isn’t much that this coffee maker can’t do.

If you love creamy coffee drinks, then you are in luck. This machine allows you to steam milk in mere seconds with just a press of a button. Furthermore, it comes with its own integrated burr grinder which gives users access to fresh grounds in no time.

All in all, the E6 allows you to enjoy a menu of six specialty coffees and eight coffee strength levels which means you are able to fine-tune each drink. Just decide what drink you would like to try, press a button, and wait for your drink to be poured. Let’s jump into our Jura E6 review.

Jura 15070 Automatic Coffee Platinum



Things to consider before buying a Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Although this coffee maker is considered a top choice in the fully automatic machine category, you might want to consider a few things before buying one.

If you like to have control over lots of coffee settings to ensure that each cup you make comes out just the way you like it, then this machine will be right up your alley.

The machine’s intelligent pre-brew aroma system allows you to determine the grams of coffee you will use per cup. The system pre-infuses the beans before the brewing takes place which allows you to achieve the best possible extraction. In addition to the strength of your brew, you can also determine the amount of coffee per serving and the temperature.

On the other hand, if you would rather prefer to have a wider variety of specialty coffees to choose from, then perhaps this automatic machine won’t fit your preferences. This machine has a choice of six specialty coffees which centers around coffee, cappuccino, and espresso.

Consider the following questions before buying:

  • Do you need a machine that has an adjustable temperature setting?
  • Do you want to be able to determine the strength of your brew?
  • Do you need a 2-year warranty on your machine?
  • Will this machine be able to quickly make your favorite coffee drink?

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Jura E6 Coffee Machine Review: Features & Benefits

Built-in Grinder

The E6 machine comes with its very own built-in Aroma G3 grinder. Apart from being extremely quiet, this grinder gets the job done very quickly. Furthermore, you can also fine-tune the grinder to one of seven fineness levels, which will also have an influence on the grinding time.

What makes this grinder so unique is its ability to deliver even grinds with higher efficiency compared to a lot of other grinders on the market. This means you can rest assured that every cup of joe will be of the same quality, making this the perfect maker for a professional barista.

The fact that this automatic coffee machine also doesn’t make a lot of noise makes it the perfect at-home espresso maker, especially if you get up early and don’t want to wake the kids.

By customizing the fineness levels of each roast, you can also determine the strength of the brew, which is perfect if you have a demanding job.

All in all, this machine is a perfect all-rounder and can suit a variety of lifestyles extremely well. This is also the reason why this espresso maker would be the perfect family coffee machine because it would be able to cater to everyone’s needs.

Jura Smart Connect

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine, Chrome image in Electronics category at pixy.org

The E6 allows you to connect to the espresso maker with a smartphone through the Smart Connect device, which is sold separately. This device will enable you to communicate with the espresso maker remotely and make selections using your phone. You can also alter the settings of the machine from a distance.

Much like a lot of smart devices that make remote access to homes and offices available to consumers, the creators of this Jura range saw the need for instant access to appliances that are used regularly.

Not only does this function significantly simplify your morning routine where you can simply get up and press a button to get the espresso maker going, but it also gives you complete control, no matter where you are.

In today’s day and age where both technology and instant gratification is king, this setting will definitely be appreciated by individuals who are on the go.

This feature is also ideal when unexpected guests arrive when you aren’t home yet, or when your next appointment is waiting for you in your office. By simply accessing the espresso maker from your phone, you can organize a perfect cup of coffee for your guests until you are available to grace them with your presence.

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Specialty Drinks

specialty drinks

The Jura E6 may not offer a myriad of specialty drinks like so many other automatic espresso makers do, but the drinks that are available are quite spectacular. The Jura E6 can make a cappuccino, espresso, milk foam, and two coffees or two espressos at the same time.

The pulse extraction process allows this machine to brew coffee with a full, rich delicious flavor whilst allowing you to choose from one of eight brew strength levels before making your beverage. Each drink is brewed to perfection and allows you to customize the intensity so you can fully enjoy every sip.

In other words, if you decide to buy the Jura E6, you won’t have to run to the coffee shop to get your daily caffeine fix seeing as this espresso maker will be able to cater to all your needs. This machine is perfect for a homebody that still enjoys an excellent cup of joe.

If you like to entertain and throw a lavish get together every now and then, then the specialty drinks will definitely come in handy. Your guests also won’t have to wait a long time for their drink seeing as this machine can pour two cups of coffee simultaneously.

Machine Maintenance

To prolong the life of your espresso maker, it is vital that you clean your machine after every use. Coffee and milk residue not only affects the taste of your next cup but if not cleaned, is also unhygienic. It is important that you empty the drip tray and the coffee container on a daily basis and remove stubborn residues after every use.

The Jura manufacturers understand that although users have the best intentions when it comes to cleaning their espresso maker, sometimes life gets busy causing people to forget to clean their machines on a regular basis.

To counter this, the Jura E6 prompts the user to clean and descale the machine whenever it is needed. Each machine also comes with maintenance instructions to simplify the process. Descaling the water tank requires JURA descaling tablets which you have to leave in the water tank overnight or for several hours.

The cleaning prompts, along with the fact that this machine is compatible with descaling tablets make cleaning it so much easier. We especially like the fact that you won’t have to try and remember to prioritize machine maintenance, because the Jura E6 will remember for you.

This makes this machine ideal for a busy individual or a bustling family. When buying the Jura E6, you can concentrate on what’s important to you without having to keep tabs on what the machine needs.

TFT Colour Display

The Jura E6 comes with a user-friendly and ultra-clear screen display, which simplifies its usage. The machine itself also features buttons dedicated to the making of its specialty drinks, which means you won’t have to search around on the machine’s interface to make a quick cup of coffee.

Navigating the Jura E6 is fairly simple seeing as the buttons’ function depends on what the screen is displaying. The TFT screen display isn’t a touchscreen, but with the great placement of the buttons and the prompts on the screen, anyone will be able to operate this machine.

All in all, this is a really great feature especially if you want to give this espresso maker to an elderly person that has difficulty working with touchscreen interfaces. The intuitive design means that elderly people also won’t have trouble operating this machine.

If you have someone over, you won’t have to explain how to use the Jura E6 seeing as its functions are pretty much self-explanatory.

When first buying the machine, you won’t have to read all of the instructions to make your first cup. Although you can if you want to. The complete setup instructions for first-time use can be found in the instructions manual.

This is great if you thrive on simplicity and don’t have the time to figure out complex kitchen appliances. Simply plug in the Jura E6, and start brewing!

P.E.P. Brewing System

Most machines operate by letting a constant flow of water trickle through the machine’s ground coffee unit. However, the Jura E6 has a P.E.P. brewing system where the water is pulsed through the ground beans right before the pre-infusion kicks off. This brewing system not only intensifies the coffee’s aroma but also ensures that every cup is delicious.

Although this process makes a small bit of noise at the beginning of the brewing operation, the end result is completely worth it when it comes to your coffee’s quality.

If you are fanatical about the taste and aroma of your coffee, then this feature will ultimately be the reason that you decide to invest in the Jura E6. It is perfect for coffee purists that only want the very best when it comes to their daily cup of joe.

Ultimately, this feature will ensure that every cup of espresso you brew is up to par, meaning you won’t have to add any extra coffee or other aromatic enhancers after brewing your espresso. If you own a small coffee shop and want to attract customers with the smell of coffee permeating the air, then this feature will enable you to do just that.

This also makes the Jura E6 the perfect coffee machine if you want to impress guests and really take your boardroom meetings or family dinners to the next level.

Social Proof

We have analyzed what people have to say about this product and found some user reviews that seem rather positive.

According to one reviewer, the Jura E6 can make a delicious, aromatic cup of coffee using half the amount of coffee that regular coffee machines use. This is a great perk, especially if you want to curb your expenditure on quality coffee beans.

Another user also commented that although this machine is highly automated it is still very user-friendly in terms of operation.

There were quite a few reviews that mentioned the taste and quality of the coffee. One reviewer commented that this machine manages to produce coffee with a distinctly different and superior taste, even if you use standard beans because the machine’s brewing process brings out the flavor of even sub-par beans.

Alternative Coffee Machine Reviews

Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Maker

Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Maker

The Jura E8 is a well designed, fully automatic coffee machine that comes in a much nicer design than the Jura E6. It’s for the more premium coffee drinkers who are looking for a little bit of luxury.

Both the E8 and the E6 are durable and reliable machines, but the E8 might be the better option as it’s a newer model with some more advanced features.

It comes with a one-touch cappuccino function, and a pump ‘pulse-action’ to replicate the pulse extraction process of a more traditional coffee machine. Although slightly higher in price, it’s well worth the investment.

The E8 has four more drink options than the E6, including milk, Ristretto, latte, and flat white, and it comes with 8 pre-set coffee strength levels and 6 options for aroma level.

  • Offers a greater variety of features and drink options.
  • More expensive than the E6, but worth the penny.
  • Has a one-touch cappuccino function.

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Chefman 6-in-1 Espresso Maker

Chefman 6-in-1 Espresso Maker

The Chefman 6-in-1 Espresso Maker is definitely more affordable compared to the Jura E6 espresso maker, but the Chefman falls short when it comes to the Jura E6’s two-year warranty. Both of these espresso machines can make milk-based beverages, however, the Chefman 6-in-1 Espresso Maker offers a wider variety of beverages.

When it comes to usability, both machines are user friendly, but the Chefman is a bit harder to clean because it has a separate milk container. The Jura E6 is definitely easier on the eyes when it comes to modern design and can serve two drinks at a time, where the Chefman can only serve one.

All in all, if you are looking for practicality and would rather want to spend more on coffee beans than on the espresso maker you are buying, then the Chefman 6-in-1 Espresso Maker might be the perfect fit for you.

  • The Chefman 6-in-1 Espresso Maker offers a greater variety of espresso beverages.
  • The Jura E6 is more expensive.
  • The Jura E6 can serve two cups of coffee at the same time.

Yabano 15 Bar Professional Coffee Machine

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No products found.

In terms of functionality, the Yabano Espresso Maker is very similar to the Jura E6 espresso machine, however, it has more of an industrial design compared to the Jura E6’s modern look. Like the Jura E6, this espresso maker can also brew two cups of coffee at the same time.

Price-wise, the Yabano Espresso Maker is much more affordable but only comes with a built-in steam wand, instead of a separate milk container like the Jura E6.

Furthermore, the Jura E6 also enables you to choose between eight different espresso intensity levels. Although the Yabano Espresso Maker allows you to determine the machine’s brewing pressure, it doesn’t give the user full control when it comes to coffee strength.

If you are looking for an espresso Maker that can pour two drinks simultaneously but is more affordable than the Jura E6, then the Yabano Espresso Maker may be the perfect option for you.

  • The Jura E6 is more expensive compared to the Yabano Espresso Machine.
  • The Yabano Espresso Machine comes with a steam wand instead of a milk container.
  • The Jura E6 allows you to choose between eight different espresso intensity levels.

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Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine is one of those coffee machines that just offer it all, and because of this, it is also a bit more expensive than regular espresso machines. In comparison, the Jura E6 is definitely more affordable, but also doesn’t offer 15 different beverages.

The Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine comes with an advanced touch screen display and a luxurious design. This machine is also a lot more customizable and allows users to fine-tune the strength, volume, temperature, taste of coffee, the milk foam amount, volume, and even the coffee and milk order. In comparison, the Jura E6 can only customize the strength of your brew.

The Saeco Xelsis espresso maker is also easier to clean and allows users to clean up the whole milk circuit with steam, from the spout to the milk tubes, at the touch of a button.

The Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine is perfect for someone who needs complete customizability when it comes to all facets of their coffee. On the other hand, the Jura E6 will be ideal for individuals that want delicious coffee beverages without the extra bells and whistles that come with fancy milk-based drinks.

  • The Jura E6 is more affordable compared to the Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine.
  • The Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine is more customizable.
  • Both machines can pour two drinks at once.
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Final Thoughts

Finding a fully automated espresso maker that can turn high-quality coffee beans into a great brew is no easy feat. In our Jura E6 coffee machine review, we discovered that this coffee maker is the exception and able to solve this ease of use problem. Plus, it’s great value for money.

The Jura E6 specializes in a range of specialty coffees and has the ability to customize every cup of coffee you make. This means you can make a great cup of coffee without having to wait around like you would if you were to visit any local coffee shop.

The pulse extraction process and intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System makes this a really unique coffee machine.

It also allows you to zone in on the distinct aroma of freshly brewed coffee whilst allowing for milk-based beverages, which means you can still get your coffee fix whilst catering to everyone’s coffee preferences.