Best Manual Coffee Grinder – Get in Touch with Your Coffee and Grind by Hand

If you are any type of real coffee fan, chances are you already know that fresh ground beans can make a significant difference to the flavor and quality of your coffee. Coffee grinding is an art that has been lost through the years but in recent times manual coffee grinders have really made a comeback.

There are a coffee grinder and brewer combinations but if you don’t need a new coffee pot or you love what you have, you might consider a manual grinder for coffee options that can do the job for you. You will find that grinders coffee made fresh will be far superior in flavor.

In this guide, we will share our top picks for the best manual coffee grinder options on the market. Whether you like the freshness of grinder coffee or simply want to test out a manual grinder, you’re sure to find something here that is right for you!

The Best Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews

Whether you just want something simple to pull out on occasion or you want something to permanently add to your countertop, we’ve got options for you. This section will be complete with reviews of the best manual coffee grinders on the market.

You will find burr grinder options with different grind setting designs as well as french press, coffee mill, manual grinders hand grinders and more!

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Best Value: JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

If you’re looking for the best overall option, this hand grinder is a really great find to make your own ground coffee. These coffee grinders are manual and some of the best because they are small and yet stylish. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is a stainless steel option that will grind your coffee beans to 3 different grind consistency grind setting options.

As far as a manual coffee grinder is concerned, this conical burrs coffee mill is easy to use and easy to clean. If you want to make simple ground coffee from a coffee bean you can’t beat these grinders. Choose to make fine, medium or coarse ground coffee.

The look is nice, similar to a Hario Mini in terms of overall size. These grinders do have patented ceramic burrs that are designed with simple conical burrs inside of a stainless steel housing. You can enjoy a high-quality french press or coffee of your choosing with this fine manual coffee grinder option.



Why We Like It

If you want a great cup of coffee every time without having a huge electric grinder on the counter, this is great! Grinding coffee is a breeze and you can take this hand coffee grinder on the go as well. We love the overall quality and the consistent grind designed to provide a means to freshly ground coffee with daily use.

2. Hario Mini Mill Ceramic Burrs Manual Grinders

Hario Mini Mill Ceramic Burrs Manual Grinders

Next on our list, we get around to a common fan favorite – the Hario Mini. This coffee grinder comes in a few color options, from stainless steel to black and then a black and clear model as well. The manual coffee grinders from Hario are some of the best hand grinders out there.

These ceramic burrs coffee grinders are very durable and easy to adjust. It is a hand grinder that takes wear just fine and will give you a high-quality grind consistency of your choosing. This option has a handy lock that was recently improved for consistency on the grinder’s functionality. You can adjust the hand grinders settings to grind from fine to coarse.

This coffee grinding tool is simple and compact. You can take it with you to make coffee at work if you want. It’s both easy to use and easy to clean and you can enjoy your french press coffee in no time! You can make 2 cups at one time. It is lightweight and slim for a simple manual grinder option.



Why We Like It

This makes a great travel option for ceramic blade grinders so you can brew great coffee at home or on the go. This manual grinder is one for the books as far as simplicity and overall quality are concerned. It even has a really nice look that makes it get extra points.

3. Budget Pick: Yehobu Manual Coffee Grinder for Precision Brewing

Yehobu Manual Coffee Grinder for Precision Brewing

We believe in providing quality manual grinders even on a budget. This is a highly rated manual coffee grinder that won’t let you down. It has a nice look with a stainless steel design and it will get you easy coffee with just a few twists once you add your coffee beans.

This is a manual burr grinder with ceramic burr parts. It is easy to clean. You can adjust the burr grinder manual grinders settings to fine, medium or coarse, which give you plenty of functionality from a simple coffee mill. The materials make you question if the price is legitimate in terms of quality ceramic burrs grinders.

If you need a manual coffee grinder that is easy to take anywhere with you, Yehobu Manual Coffee Grinder might just be the best! Your coffee beans can be turned into a french press delight in no time. The simplicity and compact design look and work great and the versatility really is unmatched for the grinder price.



Why We Like It

You don’t have to look for the perfect coffee grinder any further. If your budget is limited and you get an easy but versatile manual grinder, we believe this ceramic burr coffee grinder will do just fine.

4. Crystalia Manual Coffee Grinders, Turkish Style

Crystalia Manual Coffee Grinders, Turkish Style

If you like a good Turkish coffee, Crystalia is one of the best hand coffee grinders for just that flavor or specialty coffee. This grinder looks really neat. It has an antique style and color to it. It is made in Europe and it totally will stand out amidst grinders.

This is not stainless steel but rather an antique copper. It is a metallic burr grinder that is top-notch quality. It is highly rated across the board and is even very affordable. It’s small enough that you can take it along with you wherever you need it.

This coffee grinder is very easy to use. It is easy to adjust so you can get just the size of the grounds that you need with the grinder. You get all of the control that you could possibly need. This design does not limit you to just a couple of options either, you have plenty of choices.



Why We Like It

If you don’t want just the standard cylindrical or hexagonal grinder, this is a great option! It’s fun and unique and it will grind coffee just find without much extra effort.

5. Hero Manual Coffee Grinder X-2C

No products found.
No products found.

If you prefer simple design and unique style over traditional stainless steel, check out this grinder that is is another of the best coffee grinder options out there. It’s very sleek and modern but it has a simplistic appeal and even comes with an extra bowl that you can store your beans in.

No products found. has a ceramic conical burr design and allows you to perfect the grind adjustment for different grind sizes to get the consistency you prefer. The materials are sturdy and durable but are also sourced from eco-friendly sources to have a better impact on the environment.

The handle has an extended design that makes it easier to use and may earn a gold star for well-built ceramic coffee mill grinder designs that can’t be matched. This can be portable however you will want to be aware that it is slightly larger and works best with your kitchen products and accessories.



Why We Like It

The beauty of this piece is that it works well and gives you an alternative design style without being cheap plastic. It provides hand-ground precision but it does require some additional effort and monitoring to really get the best results.

6. Vevok Chef Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

Vevok Chef Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

This option is another premium option coffee grinder that costs just a bit more but is highly rated across the board and stands out in multiple ways as well. This has stainless steel burrs and provides an aeropress result. It would make a great gift, travel grinder, or simple home grinder as well.

Vevok Chef Manual Burr Coffee Grinder has premium materials and a design that truly sets it apart. The handle is simple but made to be comfortable and easy to operate. You can set this without listening for the clicks and there are 6 settings to choose from. Prepare for your espresso, french press, or any other type of coffee desires you may have.

Some things that might set this apart are the durability of the burrs, the versatility of the settings, the eco-friendly materials, and the comfortable handle. Additionally, it has balance grinding functionality and is also covered by a lifetime warranty that most grinder options simply don’t offer.



Why We Like It

If you want a premium solution that delivers quality results, this is your solution. It is well made and has a resourceful design that makes it comfortable and simple to work with. It offers a bit more versatility with the settings and it’s covered by a lifetime warranty!

7. Homiry Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

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No products found.

Finally, we have a precision option from No products found. that is well-made. It looks great, is simple and effective, and gives you a mid-point price range for a grinder tool. If you check out Amazon, this is an Amazon’s Choice item and the ratings tend to speak for themselves overall.

This grinder is perfect for travel needs. It’s small and compact and comes with a scoop as well as a brush for cleaning purposes. It is made with a conical burr design, which will make your grinding experience smooth and simple overall. You can totally use this at home but it was perfectly designed for travel with a bag and everything you need. Take it everywhere you go, it would probably fit in your purse!

This is made completely of stainless steel. It offers 18 click settings, which are far more than most coffee grinder models. The clicks can take some getting used to, as with all other similar models. The quality is genuine. This coffee grinder is designed to be ergonomic while also providing a consistent grind.

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Why We Like It

We love the travel capabilities for this coffee grinder. While many others sport the compact travel size and capabilities, this is the only option that provides you with a bag and all of the accessories that you need to travel comfortably.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a coffee grinder isn’t always as easy as it looks. There are a ton of different styles and types and sizes out there and quite a bit of information you may want to consider before you make a decision.

We’ve put together a simple buyer’s guide to try to help direct you slightly through this process. We have some interesting features and thoughts for you to keep in mind as you try to choose the coffee grinder that is best for your needs.

Blade Grinder Vs. Burr Grinder

Let’s start with the basics. The majority of the grinders that we’ve shared in these reviews are burr grinders but you might notice that there are both blade grinders and burr grinders on the market. For a long time, blade grinders have been the most affordable option but now you will find that some of the inexpensive designs are made with burr grinders.

The true downside to a blade grinder is that you can’t always get a fine or even a medium grind. The consistency is not always reliable. The blades work to chop the beans and you are far more likely to end up with a coarse grind. This may not negatively affect your decision but it is certainly something to be aware of as you make a decision.

Another thing to note about a blade grinder is that you might run into the possibility of friction from the grinding process. Anyone who has practice grinding their coffee knows that friction in the grinding process can actually affect the coffee flavor.

A burr grinder is more advanced by design and it is our preference. Burr grinder options are more affordable than they have been in the past but some of the materials used for these grinders could cause your price to be a bit higher overall.

With a burr grinder, you have far more control over the consistency of your grind. You can still grind to a coarse nature if that is your preference but you can also grind to fine, medium, or whatever other settings your coffee grinder offers as well.

Manual Grinder Vs. Electric Grinder

Next is the question of whether you really want a manual grinder or an electric grinder. It’s a consideration that is important. There are some really great electric grinder options out there but the fact of the matter is that doesn’t always make them better.

Considering you’ve made it this far in the guide, you probably are set on a manual grinder but we feel the topic still deserves some attention. While an electric grinder can certainly be handy there are a lot of great aspects about the manual grinder that set it apart and might make it more attractive to you overall.

For starters, an electric grinder will require electricity to use. They tend to get a bit noisy so you probably won’t want to use them if you are trying to keep quiet. On the other hand, you don’t have to monitor them closely or use your own strength to grind those beans down to your preferences.

Understanding the settings of an electric grinder can be much easier, particularly for someone who is new to grinding and has to get used to the method. Manual grinder selections typically adjust the settings based on a series of clicks. It does take some getting used to in order to understand which click means what and what setting you are on from the click you just made. It’s not so bad once you are used to it.

Manual grinders also are far more portable. If you travel often, go camping, or simply are looking for something you can keep at work or in the car, a manual option is the way to go. These are small and compact in comparison and they don’t have any cords or electricity to contend with for operational purposes.

Manual options tend to be more tailored to your preferences. They are very hands-on and involve you in the entire process, right down to turning that grinding handle by yourself. The grinding process is not usually hard but it sometimes could take a little bit of elbow grease, depending on the model you choose to use.

It purely is a matter of preference. Heck, you might even decide that you actually need both types to have handy depending on the use at the time! Just keep in mind they are made differently and they both have different pros and cons as well.

Features to Consider

Next, let’s talk about some features and functionality points that you should probably keep in mind in order to make a fully informed decision for your new grinder.

Design Quality

You probably know that not every product is created equally. It’s the same for these grinder options. They are not all built the same overall. Some of them have more lasting and durable materials while you may find that some options appear to be cheaply made.

We certainly made an effort to appeal to every sense without using any options that weren’t still of great quality. You will need to consider the overall design of the option that you are perusing. Design is far more than just the style and build of the grinder. You should also note that the materials can impact quality.

If you’re going to spend your money, don’t just focus on the looks. That is important and you should pick something that is visibly attractive to you but you also should check out the structure design to ensure that it is worth the money you are going to spend.

Grind Settings

One important factor to keep in mind is the versatility of grind settings. You might find that you use different grind settings depending on what you are grinding or even your mood. Some of these options only have one or two settings while others have up to 18!

You can determine how many settings you need but we recommend looking for something that offers some semblance of versatility so you have plenty of options available to you. You also will need to ensure that the grinding is both precise and consistent to ensure you truly achieve the desired results in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Manual Coffee Grinder?

It’s important that you choose the best option based on your needs. Our top pick overall is the Java Press option that you can find in our very first review, listed as “best overall”. We felt as though this option had the best bang for its buck. It’s well made and consistent in quality and design.

Is Manual Coffee Grinder Better?

You will find that there are certainly some things about the manual grinder that are better in some cases. An electric grinder can also be great. Manual grinder choices are versatile, mobile, compact, and quiet to operate.

How Long Do Manual Coffee Grinders Take

This can vary depending on the build and design of the model you use. A manual grinder may only take a couple of minutes but some do operate more slowly and could take several minutes to grind enough for your needs.


A manual grinder certainly has a lot to bring to the table. Not only is it a simple solution but you have so much versatility and functionality that is ready at your fingertips when you need it. You can take them on the go or keep them stored in a kitchen drawer. The nice thing about a manual grinder is the ability to choose what you need.

If you aren’t familiar with the click system that these use for adjusting your grind, we recommend taking some time to learn about this practice so you know just how it works and can achieve the best grind results for your coffee process!

Expert Tip

Find a coffee grinder that is easy to take apart for cleaning purposes. You don’t need to be stuck trying to figure out how to disassemble and reassemble a million parts!

Did You Know?

Coffee grinding has been a practice that dates back to the ancient Egyptians. They used a pestle and mortar to achieve what we do with coffee grinder tools today!

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